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Getting Started

  • To create a Mystudiyo Quiz, you must first have a Mystudiyo account.  Signing up is free and easy through their website.
  • Once your account is active, you are ready to "Create Quiz"-located near the top of the page, or "Create Now!"-located in the big box in the center of the page.
  • Start by selecting your quiz style:
    • Create & Go - My quiz below falls into this category
    • User Can Add - Allows users to add their own questions to your quiz.  While this might be a good option in some classes, especially as an AP review, I don't trust my freshmen to add questions to my quiz...at least not in the beginning.
    • How "X" Are You - I'll play with this option more later.
  • Next, select the skin you want for your quiz.
  • Then give your quiz a name and decide whether or not you want to add an introduction media.  This will play everytime someone accesses your quiz, so choose wisely.  Music and video are sometimes distracting.
  • Now you are ready to add questions.
    • Type your first question in the space provided.
    • Add up to four multiple choice answers.  Be sure to check the box for the correct answer.
    • Select the media you want played with your question.  This is an excellent place to add video.
    • Decide whether or not you want to set a time limit for each question and reply accordingly.
    •  Submit your question.
    • Repeat until you have included all of your desired questions.
  • Once your quiz is complete, click on "Next" at the top of the page.  This will allow you to choose your quiz ending - either a scoreboard or DIY.
  • Finally, click on "Next" at the bottom of the page.  This will give you the HTML code that can be added to your wiki.

Embedding Mystudiyo

To embed a Mystudiyo quiz onto a page in your wiki, copy the HTML code from Step 8 above into the HTML Magic Plugin from your wiki toolbar.


Classroom Uses

  • Pre-Assessment at the beginning of a course or unit
  • Reteaching important concepts
  • End of unit review
  • Review for state and national tests




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